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The Gate Theatre has been artistically and architecturally, a landmark building for over 250 years. The Theatre was founded in 1928 and introduced Dublin audiences to the world of European and American theatre and to the classics from the modern and Irish repertoire. The Gate Theatre was where Orson Welles, James Mason and Michael Gambon realised their love for acting. What makes The Gate Theatre unique is that it has only ever had two artistic directors. 
In 1991 The Gate became the first theatre in the world to present a full retrospective of the nineteen stage plays of Samuel Beckett. In addition to its artistic programme, the theatre has undergone a continuous process of renovation and upgrading to ensure the preservation of the eighteenth-century building. Recently a major fundraising campaign was undertaken for the provision on the new wing, which is where the new Gate Lad is located. The main use for the Lab is for workshops, research and the promotion of theatrical talent. The theatre is committed to bringing audiences the highest standards of performances, direction, design and the latest productions. 
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